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Property Tax Protest


Property taxes are the largest source of funding for government services in Texas. Property taxes are based on the current market value of a piece of property and property. Texas law requires tax assessments to be equal and uniformly applied in the same way as similar property in the area.

However, to save time and money, the appraisal district uses a mass appraisal system based on “typical” property values to appraise ALL the properties in each property classification. During these yearly mass appraisals, many properties are often overvalued because this method fails to consider the specific condition/qualities of the property appraised. This results in you possibly paying higher property taxes that you should.

It is not unusual for property owners to disagree with an appraisal of a property’s value, dispute a tax assessment or find an error in an appraisal or tax record. As a property owner, you have rights and remedies for times when you believe:

• an assessment is out of line with other comparable property,

• an applicable exemption was denied,

• a property was taxed by the wrong taxing unit,

• an appraisal record shows the wrong owner,

• an appraiser wrongly determines when land was taken out of agricultural or timber use,

• other discrepancies exist.

At the law firm of Talbot & Talbot, P.C., we represent property owners in reviewing and appealing real estate tax assessments in towns and communities throughout the Rio Grande Valley including Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy and Starr counties.

Our firm’s clients include homeowners, investors, privately held entities, REITS, not-for-profit organizations and major corporations. Such clients own developed, undeveloped and agricultural land as well as commercial property, including office buildings, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, and industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Our firm offers legal services to ensure the fair and equitable allocation and assessment of property taxes, which include:

• filing appraisal protests,

• representing you at appraisal review board hearings,

• litigating to minimize real-property tax liability,

• defending against delinquent taxes when a county files a lawsuit.

Attorney Mark Talbot has experience litigating real estate values at all levels of review and appeal, from the initial administrative review through the trial courts in Texas. Mr. Talbot is licensed to practice law in the United States Tax Court as well as all state courts and has successfully obtained substantial real estate tax savings and tax refunds for his clients.

As a property owner you may be entitled to certain tax exemptions, tax freezes and other tax relief. (i.e. Homestead exemption, Over 65 exemption and Veteran's exemption among others). If you believe that your property has been valued too high, or you were denied an exemption that you felt you were qualified for, our firm would welcome filing a tax protest on your behalf.

To timely file a protest on your behalf, we MUST file the written protest by May 15th, or no later than 30 days after the appraisal district SENT you your yearly appraised value notice– whichever date is later. Please note that it is 30 days from the date the district mailed you the notice – not the date you received it.